Outlaw Barbell Camp – Jared Fleming

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Jared Fleming and his father, Dave, for an Outlaw Barbell camp. The focus of the camp was on the two major Olympic lifts – the snatch and the clean and jerk.

I have been to a camp with Outlaw before. The camp I went to focused on the lifts a lot but also had other elements relevant to the sport of CrossFit.

I will say that this time around the camp seemed much more focused. Jared and his father had a clear plan of what they wanted the camp to look like and they executed very well. I am not saying that my previous camp experience was bad. I just felt that Jared and his father stayed on task with very little deviation from the lecture notes. There were still some jokes and funny moments (like throughout the other Outlaw camp) but for the most part it was run with more professionalism and less brofessionalism.

As for hosting, it was pretty much stress free. I just had to make sure I was there on time and Jared took care of the rest. Sure, we had to clean the place the night before and take out a bit more trash but for the most part I was just another attendee.

I would highly recommend this camp to anyone with an interest in bettering their understanding of what high level lifters focus on for the lifts.