Member Profile – Dave Stradley

It always proves difficult to pick a member to highlight each month. We are blessed with so many great people who’s stories are inspiring. This month is the first time that I have said people NEED to hear this story. Dave came to us about a month after we opened. He first signed up as a Founders Club member but it took several emails and my prodding to get him in the door.  Once he was here he was hooked. He watches videos in his down time and is constantly looking for ways to improve his form. Dave is currently coming off of a minor setback. He had knee surgery about six weeks ago. He is dedicated to push through and get back to where he was just a few months ago. He came in when he wasn’t cleared to squat and modified movements so he could keep up on his fitness. This week marked the first time he put a loaded barbell on his back and did a full range squat. Dave has been struggling to find and keep his motivation. It is hard having been close to a 300# squat and then having to take a step back. I know that with Dave’s heart and the support of the community that he will back to form soon. Keep up the good work, Dave. (Bottom picture to the right are some comments written after Dave’s second day back)