Member Profile – Mike D

Always one to give it his all, Mike has strived for more fromday one. He is usually the first one in for the 7am class andthe last one out. He has one of the biggest motors in the box. He will frequently be seen bouncing from a max back squat to push ups in between sets – just so he can keep moving. Mike will also be the one there making sure you push yourself. We have a saying – “If Mike tells you to stop then you have already gone way too far.” Mike is also one of the ore thoughtful people at 410. Mike takes on a lot of charity work, both for the box community and the community he lives in. By charity for the box I mean saving other members the agony of burpees. You may not know it  but Mike has likely picked up your band, box and/or barbell and has even gone as far as telling me I can’t charge you burpees if I didn’t have to pick it up. So, from all of us – thanks for being a vital part of our community.