#2: We All Have Something Going On

Excuses are an easy out. I’m not saying that we don’t all have something going on. Some more serious than others. And I don’t think that these things should be glossed over. We should have empathy for others and be aware of the fact that all of us are going through our own unique struggle. But it is equally important to make time for yourself.

In the grand scheme of things we are only asking for a minimum of three hours per week. Three hours. I know most people watch that much TV in one day. If you can get yourself in a routine for your favorite TV show then you should be able to get yourself in a routine to make it to the gym.

I find it hard to take most excuses seriously. My day starts at 5am and ends around 9pm. I eat all of my meals outside of my house and shower at the gym. During the week my house is no more than a place for to sleep and keep my things. If you make it a priority then you will find a way to get it done. The tricky part is prioritizing the right things. This also easily squashes the money complaint. How much is your cable bill? How much do you spend eating out? Priorities.

The thing with going to the gym is that it is much easier to not go. Right? I guess… For now. But what happens when you are so immobile that you struggle to pick up a bag of groceries? Or you struggle hold your grand daughter? It’ll happen. People in their 20’s have come into 410 without the ability to squat an empty barbell.

I always hate New Years resolutions. I think to my self why not start now? But in the spirit of the season how about we all resolve to cutting out the excuses and finding a way to get our three hours in at the gym… or more 🙂