#3: Lifestyle

It is no secret that diet plays a huge role in any results we get from our time in the gym. Food is your fuel. If your diet is not dialed in then you can expect to be disappointed. Your workout times wont improve as quickly as the could, you wont feel as energetic and happy as you could and, of course, you wont get the aesthetics you desire.

I get it. It is hard to find healthy food. Food that truly is healthy and tasted good takes work. I recently watched a movie on sugar and they stated that if you remove all items from the grocery store with sugar in them then you would be left with less than 10% of the items on the shelves.

The thing to remember is that we don’t need to be 100% clean all of the time. Sure, it helps but the most important thing is to find things that work for you and to constantly strive for improvement. This is the best way to get lasting results. It is quite common for folks to lose 20, 30, 40 pounds and then put it all back on just as quickly as they lost it. Incremental changes last longer.

Soon we will be starting our fifth lifestyle challenge. We call it a lifestyle challenge because we engage in an effort to adjust all things of our wellness. We target proper water consumption, proper sleep, proper workout time and proper diet. All of these things lead to better workouts, an increased energy level and better results with your fitness. Folks will lose a lot of weight doing this but the main goal is to start some new habits. If you lose 5% body fat and it doesn’t stick three months from now but you dumped your daily candy bar and you feel better then I call that a success.

Over the course of our challenges we have seen great results and a lot of awesome life changing results (I will let folks tell you their testimonial if they choose). The last few challenges have been no different but we have been seeing great results from less people. That is why you will be partnered up with someone to help motivate you to success. Hopefully, this will lead us to the type of results we saw in our first few challenges from all involved.

If you haven’t signed up yet then you should. You have until tomorrow to get your name in. We start on January 4th. Tomorrow afternoon I will be sending out info packets to everyone and between now and the 4th you should be clearing out your pantry and asking questions. There is no buy-in for this one. Typically, we have had a buy-in but this time 410 will supply a surprise reward.

At the conclusion of our challenge we have scheduled to have the BodPod (a body composition measuring device) come to 410. I encourage all to sign up. It is a great way to see how your body is responding to the choices you are making.

Even if you don’t want to take part in the challenge you I encourage you to ask questions about your diet and make improvements to how you are living. You were only given one body and one life. Why not see what you are capable of?