#7: Programming Change

Since we opened in 2013 we have been following programming from The Outlaw Way. I chose this programming because the guy who writes it put a lot of time into calculating loads and developing cycles to reach optimal strength and cardiovascular gains. Things that require a lot of time.

Over the past few months he launched a paid site for his top athletes. Since then the quality of programming seems to have diminished and the communication from him is non-existent. It seems he is repeating old cycles and putting little time into load calculation. Without a line of communication I have to assume that this site is low priority for him and could soon be gone completely.

To that end, we will be changing how we run our programming after this years CrossFit Open. This comes as a bit of a blessing. Many people have been asking for help with things they find specifically important to them. Without a set policy it is hard to oblige all requests and I sometimes feel like I am leaving people out. I have come up with several different options in light of feedback I have received.

Please understand that this is not because any one did something wrong. Really, this came from when Steph and I were doing a strength cycle and a hand full of people felt left out. I felt bad but I know most people just want to get in shape and don’t want to put that much emphasis on lifting. I had thought of ways to implement new things and this seems like the perfect time to give this a try. Steph and I both had great results but it came with a lot of work and a lot of panning.

Below are the different programming levels.

Option One: GPP (general physical preparedness)

This will basically be what we do now except I will be writing the programming. We will program a strength/barbell part and a conditioning part for each class. If you choose to do GPP you will notice virtually no change from what we already program. This will be the workout posted on the site and on facebook. GPP will be what most folks should follow.

Option Two: Personalized GPP

Personalized GPP will be a class worth of work. The strength and conditioning portions will closely mirror what we will have posted for the daily WOD. The personalized portion will allow you to work directly with a coach to change and alter the programming to fit your desires. You should choose this option if you have specific goals. If you specifically want to get better at snatch then programming will be written to help with that. If you specifically want to get a bigger squat then this is where we can make that happen.  This gives you the flexibility to dictate what you strengthen.

An example of what could be programmed for someone wanting help with O-lifts… if the GPP cycle is calling for Monday- Pull up/dip superset, Tuesday – BBG clean complex, Wednesday – squats, Thursday – BBG snatch complex, Friday – Bench press, Saturday – Max, Sunday – rest.

The personalized cycle may include Monday – Good Mornings/jerk drives, Tuesday – Hang high pull, Wednesday – Squat, Thursday – Hang clean from blocks, Friday – Squat, Saturday – max.

This could also work for someone training for a marathon. We would tweak the strength to help with stabilizing muscles and program a running block several times a week. I firmly believe that running without a strength program is a recipe for injury.

Option Three: Competitor

The competitor track is for anyone that is looking for extra work to specifically help them be more competitive. This is not the bedrock of CrossFit. The bedrock of CrossFit is GPP and should be used by most people. However, I definitely think there is a need for a competitor based program. We have been around for over two years and some folks need/desire more. This program will give you personalized programming and extra gym use. Please note that once we launch these programs only those using the competitor program will be permitted to do after class/pre class work. Staying after, coming in early and/or two-a-days will be required to complete all of the assigned work. You can do this with a 3x per week membership but the workload will be less than someone with an unlimited membership.

Pricing and Policy Changes

Obviously, this all requires a lot more work on my part and requires more organization in classes. With that there are some pricing and policy changes.

  • The GPP (the bedrock) remains unchanged. All pricing and gym usage stays the same. This does not include any additional gym use time. Obviously, goofing off after class will still continue.
  • Personalized programming is $10 per cycle. A cycle is 4 weeks. You will be given your cycle one week at a time. Conditioning piece will be omitted 😉 No extra gym use time.
  • Competitor is $25 per cycle. A cycle is 8 weeks. We will work directly with your goals. We will determine your goats and specifically target them and re-asses after each cycle. A cycle change may require a 12 week purchase depending on the work needed. Extra gym time will be required. Don’t waste your money or my time if you aren’t 100% committed to putting in work.

With these changes the only programming substitutes to GPP will come from one of these programs or out of injury. We should NOT have multiple people running multiple programs during class times unless it is part of a specialized program set up by a coach of 410.

My hope is that with these changes we can tailor programming to the needs of our clients while still making everyone feel involved in the same class. Furthermore, it will give those looking for extra work more guidance in their efforts and help reduce injuries from over training muscle groups.

This is open for feedback so please let me know your thoughts and/or ideas. This is totally new so policies and pricing may change as we get acclimated. Maybe no one is interested and it goes away. We will see.

If interested email me at gary@410crossfit.com


One Response to “#7: Programming Change”

  1. Nathalie Cone

    I can’t believe Outlaw is being that way! So frustrating and disheartening, but at the same time–super exciting for the gym! I think this is a great step in the right direction. I’ll be sticking with GPP but I think this is a smart way to give members exactly what they want/need.