Faye’s Story


What are some big accomplishments since joining 410? 

I have been attending the classes consistently since March, dropped three dress sizes and have lost over 50 lbs. But more importantly I have become stronger. I don’t always finish last anymore (2nd to last but not last on a good day ha!) and I can do a mini handstand push up! I’m looking forward to seeing what another 8 months of CrossFit will bring. The most important thing is that a regimen has FINALLY stuck with me!

What were you doing before 410?

Before 410 I was going to a regular gym and while I knew my way around and how to achieve my goals I never really “enjoyed” working out. So after having my 3 year old I went to an Olympic Lifting gym in Pennsylvania. While I fell in love with barbell training, I was not seeing the results I wanted fast enough. That’s when I chose to join a CrossFit.

Why did you join 410?

After doing my fundamental class at a box near by I was left frustrated and defeated. CrossFit comes with a stigma and that specific place did not make me feel welcomed. The box was everything I was afraid it would be. After talking to a friend that had been going to 410 I decided to give it a try and I was very pleased. The people make 410 different. Everyone is very helpful and the staff make it their mission to help you reach your goals and keep you motivated.

Why have you stayed at 410?

 Because they have been part of my journey since day one. I met an awesome group of people that I wouldn’t imagine leaving behind. They have been encouraging and very helpful in achieving my goals while challenging me to become a better and stronger version of myself. It’s everything someone needs in a gym; a knowledgeable team with members equally excited about your achievements.

What are some big fitness accomplishments since joining 410?

 I can now do double unders, kipping pull ups AND my new squat personal best is 200 lbs! In 2016 I signed up for and finished a Spartan obstacle race (they had always terrified me). Next week I would like to participate in a weightlifter meet.