New Schedule and Other Stuff

Our new schedule is set to launch in just 2 weeks. With that, I want to give everyone an idea of what that will look like and where we plan to go from here.

First, we will monitor attendance at all classes to see what is working. I fully intend on keeping all class times open regardless of attendance until at least May. The only thing that may change is the 5:30am class may only be a class time until we divide the space. I would switch this back to 6:00am if the earlier time isn’t working. I have moved it now so we can get some GoFit classes scheduled for the AM crowd.

If things go well I am looking at breaking off a 400sf section of space to be used just for GoFit or Open Gym. This will allow us to conduct two classes at one time and open up more time for folks to work on extra things during expanded open gym hours. At this time I am shooting for after the New Year.

Open gym time will count as a class time. I know in the past Sunday was a free day but moving forward when you login for an Open Gym it will count as a class.

At the start, anytime there isn’t a CrossFit class going on we will allow open gym. If GoFit gains traction then we will restrict open gym, if needed. But hopefully our wall is up by then. Bear in mind that the long range goal is to have space for a lot of open gym hours. My hope is that we will give you options and eliminate a reason to look elsewhere. Although, I also hope folks don’t lose sight of the powerful benefit of community based exercise.

Specialty classes, as of now, will be stretching, endurance and lifting. They will be available during Open Gym times as noted on the schedule.

  • The stretching class will be 30-minutes of opening up the body and recovery. Nothing too fancy but something that is requested frequently.
  • The endurance will be our track workout on Sundays. This will be subject to change based on weather. If we move it indoors we will alter the workout to be done on a rower.
  • The lifting class will revolve around more instruction as appose to actual lifting for strength. It will be breaking down video and learning as appose to making “gainz.” You will be using a barbell and working on positioning. We will record lifts on some days and break down the lift. You will do challenging weights but this wont be the place for squat cycles and such.

Pricing and Membership Types

The pricing will change slightly. All class blocks will count as a class. So, a 30 minute GoFit is equal to a 60 minute CrossFit. This is due to ease of tracking and the desire to get away from class limits and move to more of a full membership style pricing model. If you only have so many free hours in a week then we are still keeping a lower price option open for you. Also, all current memberships will be honored as they are currently written with the above changes to how classes are counted. The schedule runs Mon-Sun for tracking purposes.

  • We will be making our $160/month option ($150 with 6 month commitment) our ALL ACCESS membership. This gives you as many classes as you would like. If you want to do a lot of open gym or specialty classes this will be the way to go.
  • Our other option will be $140/month ($130 with 6 month commitment) for 4 classes per week or less. This limits to 4 classes of any kind. Remember, all check-ins count as a class. An endurance is treated like a stretching is treated like a CrossFit is treated like an open gym. If all you want to do is a few CrossFit classes a week and maybe an open gym then this is for you.
  • We will also offer a GoFit only option once we have this allotment of classes expanded. This will be $99/month. This will not immediately be available. It is on ZenPlanner but we aren’t offering it yet.

Kiosk and ZenPlanner

Our kiosk should be setup on 11/28. It depends on whether or not Comcast or Verizon can get it wired in by then. There will be a computer to login for class and an iPad to buy stuff from the “store.” If you buy Kill Cliff or bars then you will do it through the iPad. Please check with me first so that we make sure it is getting put on your monthly bill and not billing you each time.

I will be auditing all of the ZenPlanner info to make sure it is correct over the next 2 weeks. If you haven’t, please add a checking account for billing and make sure all of your docs are signed.