Know Your Why and Moving Forward

So, a few months ago I challenged everyone to think about why you started your fitness journey. Knowing why you continue or why you started can be a good thing to have in your pocket when doubt or frustration seeps in after a tough week. We are all at different places but wherever you are now you got there as a result of your effort and your hard work. You shouldn’t discount the effort required just to start a new endeavor let alone to get to where you are now.

After we found our why your mentor worked with you on goals. Goals are a great tool to have to help hold yourself accountable. I realize that goals aren’t for everyone but we should all have some basic measure of how well we are doing at reaching the things that make up our why for starting our journey.

I personally am more of a do my best daily type of person. I don’t have goals of a 5 minute mile or to place in a competition. I just want to put in my best effort and have my best result. If you are like me then I urge you to set up “goals” based on what you aren’t going to do. I saw this in a podcast today and think it is a great idea. Get yourself a calendar and tell yourself that you are not going to eat sweets. For each day you achieve this goal cross off that day. Your real goal may be to lose weight but if you don’t like the pressure then set benchmarks of what you wont do and strive to set those habits by not letting yourself have a day without an X.

As we move forward from our current lifestyle challenge (I know it is only week 2) it is my hope that more of us will stick to the good habits picked up during the challenge and make them part of our lifestyle. Many times we have folks make great progress over the 5 week period but after the challenge is over we go back to our old ways. Could you imagine if you are able to keep even half of your new habits in tact? That is why I urge each of you to get a full year calendar and three different colored markers. Come up with three things you are not going to do and each day and put that X on the calendar. Check out the Built By Bergeron facebook for a 45 minute (long but good) breakdown of this method.

Stay committed, folks. I know it gets hard but it is worth it.