Open 17.1

I love the Open season. So many people pushing themselves and such an energy in the gym. I am very proud of the many people that pushed them selves through a new movement during a long workout.

My highlights:

  • CJ crushing his first Open workout with a weight only a few pounds off of his current weight loss. He was also the first one to go.
  • The cheering and support from everyone throughout the day on Saturday.
  • The redo’s and amazing results. People redoing a workout may not make sense to some but these five weeks are all about pushing yourself and if you think you can do better then go for it. Either way you are getting a good workout.
  • Our gym really has awesome members. People who are motivated. Looking at other gyms in the area and we had far fewer people scale. We are also ranking way above where we were last year.

Some numbers:

  • Team is ranked 2,242 out of over 5,000 in the world
  • Team is 173 in the region out of over 320
  • Team is 24 in the state out of 44

Head on over to the leaderboard and check out some individual numbers.

Now, 17.2 and moving forward prove to be tougher challenges as we get into movements that a particular person just may not be able to do (Muscle Up).  The important thing to remember is to have fun. If you can’t RX the workout or struggle with the scaled version just do your best. Push yourself beyond your comfort level, be safe and enjoy the process.

A big part of CrossFit is that it is evidence based fitness. No better way to see how you are improving year over year than to compare your results with over 300,00 people.

17.2 Prediction: A couplet in an ascending ladder of thrusters and muscle ups. 1,1. 2,2. 3,3…