John and Linnea Find Love for Fitness through Love for Each Other

“You owe me some new pants!” That is what John Cullings said to the 410 Coaches as he proudly posted a picture of his progress. In his time at 410 CrossFit John has lost 30 pounds and dropped several pant sizes. 

He didn’t do it alone. He has a shared journey with his wife, Linnea Cullings. Linnea has enjoyed equal success in losing 15 pounds since starting and seeing huge personal bests in lifting and running workouts.

Together they have become staples of the community. Rarely missing a track workout and always finding time to take care of their health and wellness. Together they push, motivate and support one another to be the best version of themselves. I guess that’s what being with the same person for a long time will do. They went to high school homecoming together. You can guess how long ago that was.

What makes their commitment even more impressive is that they balance work and life better than most. They both have very demanding full-time jobs and on top of that they have four kids. There is a fifth on the way! Never letting an excuse get in their way they make time to take care of themselves. Even more impressive is that they motivated their oldest daughter to join in on classes over the summer and have set up a small home gym where their youngest son takes part in light lifting. If Linnea and John can’t make it to the gym they will head to their garage for a quick session.

It hasn’t always been easy to stay motivated. Prior to joining the 410 community they both struggled to make time for their own health. Letting the “grind” of the day-to-day dominate their lives. That’s the truth with all of us. Sometimes the grind gets us out of our routine of success. It usually isn’t one big event but just… the grind. 

John and Linnea are an example of how to balance life and still find time to be healthy. If you have the will to be healthy then you can tear down the excuses and find time for yourself. Now that Linnea is pregnant she is listening to her doctors and doing what she can to keep up with her routine. Congratulations to John and Linnea on all they have accomplished and thank you for being such a big part of this community.