Culture of Work

CrossFit and those that are attracted to CrossFit have a culture of work. This weekend someone paid me in cash for something and I asked that they sit on the desk. Several hours later after classes wrap up I notice the cash sitting on top of the desk in plane view. No big deal, right?

As I am closing up a Greg Glassman video is playing in the background and he is telling a story of a diamond that was left in the gym desk for almost a year. The owner though it was lost. Come to find out that this expensive diamond sat there for almost a year and no one touched it. “How could this be?”, Glassman questioned. Why didn’t someone steal this? He summed it up to the culture.

The culture of a CrossFit gym attracts people who understand that you don’t just “get” things. You have to work for them. So, even if there is a diamond sitting there it will be ungratifying to a CrossFitter to steal it because it is the work that makes the diamond rewarding to have.

It was quite fortuitous that this video came on just as I am thinking, “wow, some 40 people walked right past this and it still sits here.” That is an amazing testament to the type of people in our gym. There are not many places where you would see cash sitting out like that make it through almost three hours of people passing it by.

Knowing that also shows that we have people that know the value of work. Put in the hard work in your meal prep and exercise and you will be delivered to your genetic potential. Here’s to another awesome week!