Lifestyle Challenge Wrap Up – What Now?

The most successful Lifestyle Challenge in 410 history has concluded. As a group we lost 202 pounds and 62 inches off the waist while averaging just under 4% body fat loss. We challenged ourselves and more importantly we showed that we are capable of making healthy lifestyle choices. So what now?

One thing I have heard a lot of while doing weigh ins is now that this is over I can finally go back to doing “X”. Hopefully, this is in moderation. When we kicked off the lifestyle challenge I showed a chart of a persons results over the course of several of these challenges. The weight goes down during the challenge and the next challenge starts back at the original weight from the previous challenge. Obviously, this is not the goal. We work hard during these challenges so it is frustrating to see this yo-yo.

Use what you learned here to build momentum and set new habits. You have now felt the effects of being hydrated, sleeping enough, exercising and eating well. You also put in a lot of work. Don’t lose the gains you have made.

If you didn’t do your best on this challenge that doesn’t mean that your year is over. Just because we got off to a bad start to the year doesn’t mean promises we made to our self should be deleted. It is ok to get started on those things late. The most important thing is that you actually START!

Thank you all for letting me be a part of your fitness journey. These results show me what you all are capable of!