Dispelling Myths

Two of the most common  reasons people give when “taking time off” or stepping away from the gym are time and/or money. I wanted to dive into these two reasons a little more and hopefully provide some clarity.

First, let’s compare the word reason and excuse. Webster defines reason as a statement offered in explanation or justification. Whereas, excuse is defined as to make apology for or to try to remove blame from. Neither sounds too favorable in terms of validity of not exercising. Both really sound like you are… well… making an excuse. 

To dispel the myth of both no time and no money is really quite simple. All you have to do is understand that we (CrossFit Affiliates) are engaged in an all out assault on chronic disease. What we do each day in our exercise, our talks about nutrition and our creating a center of wellness where ideas and best practices are easily shared is setting up an avenue to attach chronic disease.

Chronic disease make up a number of differetn things but basically they are non-hereditary (Multiple sclerosis) and/or non-accidental (car accident) issues. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are chronic.

A 2017 Center of Disease Control study states that a full 87% of the nations 2.7 trillion dollars spent on healthcare are directly related to chronic disease and mental illness. That is just about 2.4 trillion dollars! Furthermore, 7 out of 10 deaths are directly related to chronic disease.

We are a far cry away from getting additional funding and resources to spread the word on chronic disease as a preventable issue. Just the other day I heard a commercial for a self diagnosing diabetes test. If you score an 8 or higher after taking this 15 second radio test then you may have diabetes and should consult a doctor. If not then you are fine. This is not only misleading but it is reckless. Diabetes (type 2) can be prevented. 90% of people with diabetes are overweight. So, let’s treat the cause BEFORE it is an issue. Educate on good foods, proper exercise, proper sleep and how to stay hydrated.

So, dispelling the myth of no time and no money. If you had high blood pressure would you find time for your doctors appointment? Would you find money for your meds? The answer is yes. You would or you would die. It is much more clear when you have the health issue set in place. It is more difficult to tell someone that a sedentary lifestyle full of processed and unhealthy foods is most likely going to be what kills them.

Is this method (treating symptoms) more expensive. Heck yes. The average hospital visit costs $1,233.00. Now, you can say “well I have insurance.” Ok. I hear you. That does ease the burden of a big cost that arises from a PREVENTABLE issue. And that is why health care is so damn expensive. You have insurance that you likely pay anywhere from $100 – $500 per month for. I would guess you use this insurance about 4-6 times per year.

If we had more focus and more understanding on how to treat the causes and prevent the symptoms we would save trillions of dollars. Healthcare costs would plummet and we would have a happier and healthier society.

So, is it cheaper and less time consuming to join a gym? One that is not only a gym but an organic center of preventative health care that thrives on a daily sharing of knowledge and best practices. One that will push you and check up on you to see how you are progressing. I guess we’ll find out…