The 2018 CrossFit Open at 410

Grace wrote another article to preview the 2018 Open.

2018 Open Full of Storylines

By: Grace The Dog

February 21, 2018

3,2,1 Go! And just like that Baby Steve fled Baltimore to find weaker competition in California. The 2017 Open was full of fun experiences and an exhilarating finish. You may recall Baby Steve coming out of no where to be the 2017 Open favorite at 410. When asked for comment on the experience and the subsequent move he simply started chewing his nails as he walked away mumbling something about double unders.

This year features a ton of new faces and should prove to supply many great stories of success and comradery. We found Gary Ostroski cleaning up paint chips from a botched floor painting project. “I just hope everyone is on time. I mean has a good time. O and be present for the big announcement after 18….”

Michael Klena will be doing his first Open and was asked if he was ready. His response, “I went to register and it costs $20. Did you know that? That’s ridiculous.”

We also caught up with Reagan Greenberg who is heading into his sophomore season. “I’m ready.” When asked to elaborate Greenberg simply said “F$@K off.”

The Open is a celebration. One that all involved can look back on and truly appreciate what they and their fellow community members have accomplished.

Just like last year we were able to coral Terri Huffman for a brief comment on the Open as she heads into her sophomore year. “Its great. I love when people sign me up for things and force me to do them. Ha. Yea. Really excited.”

No matter your background and level of experience the Open will prove to be one of the best 5 weeks of your fitness journey. We asked Coach G about this and his response was simple… “It’s all good.” He then took a sip of some unknown pink water from a used water bottle and walked away.

Just as we were leaving we spotted Nathalie Cone off in the woods eating fruit snacks and taking pictures of birds. Her thoughts on the open? “It is the BEST. SOOO much fun! I cant wait!”

We hope the rest of you hold the same spirit as Nathalie. See you in the Open!


  1. When can I do the workout? You can do the workout anytime from Friday morning through Monday at 7pm. However, we will be doing it as a group on Friday night and all other dates should be last priority. i.e. scheduling conflict. Other good options will be Saturday from 11-12, Sunday open gym, Monday open gym 330-430 and 530-6. Any other times you are risking not being able to do the workout if the regular class is too big.
  2. If I am not doing the Open can I still come on Friday at 6p and workout? Yes. This will be open gym time but be aware that there may be a lot of people in the gym at this time.
  3. Do I just do the workout and tell coach the score? No. First you will need a judge. Second you will need a score sheet. Third you will need to log your score at by 8pm on Monday night.
  4. What is 18.1? We don’t know yet. The workouts are released live on the CrossFit Games facebook page every Thursday at 8pm. The open workout will also be the Friday workout for all classes. You can also do it during class for a score if you have a judge.
  5. Can I repeat the workout? Yes. It is common for folks to do an Open workout multiple times. Keep in mind that second attempts cannot interfere with a class, you must arrange your own judge and scores must be entered by 8pm on Monday.
  6. What if I can’t do movements in the workout? There is a scaled workout released for each event. You can do this workout. Keep in mind… for scoring 1 rep of RX ranks hirer than all scaled scores. So, if you can do one rep then you should go the RX route. Coaches will make sure you can do the work safely before allowing you to attempt. Scaling for intensity is not as important for the open as it is for classes and development of fitness.
  7. How do I register for my heat? When the workout is released I will post in the members lounge that I have the google doc ready to be updated. It is first come first serve. Wait for me to post before making any entries. Also, please put any alternate times you are thinking about doing the workout. Ideally, we want to have a judge that has passed the judges course present.
  8. Judges? Its that big of a deal? It isn’t anything to stress over but we do like to be the gym that meets the movement standards. You will be no-repped if you don’t meet the standard and if your judge doesn’t and it is seen that you are doing a lot of bad reps then your score will not be validated.
  9. When should I show up if I am doing Friday Night? I would show up at 530pm and start warming up if you are in the first heat. We will go over movement standards promptly at 6pm. Depending on the workout length some coaches will demo the workout! Message me if you cant make it for the demo/explanation. If you don’t you may not be able to participate in your heat.
  10. Does this count against my attendance? No. The open is a “free” class.
  11. Can I do the Open if I am in GoFit? Yes. Do note that a lot of the movements are ones that are left out of GoFit. But if you are comfortable with it then I say the Open is a great experience for all.