I am considering a future project. It is a somewhat vulnerable endeavor and I am not sure it is for me. But looking at that I see an effort to find blame in the face of defeat. Clinging to anything that may be the cause or reason for something having happened. In life, sometimes things just are… There aren’t always reasons for things that happen and there certainly isn’t clarity.

We have dozens of things that don’t go our way every single day. It could be as simple as hitting a red light or something a little more annoying like getting a flat tire. It could be breaking a nail or something more somber like having to say bye to a pet.

There is this song called “Shut Up Kenney” by Walker Hayes. In the song the singer is assigning blame for his heartache to the memories attached to Kenney Chesney songs, him and his ex. He is upset but you can easily see that his anger is misguided. He should be upset with whatever ultimately led to his breakup not Kenney Chesney.

It is an odd example, I know,  but it shows how easy it is to get things twisted and it also shows how easy it is to pass ownership for your current situation to someone or something else. Blaming where you are on your age, or your parents, or your upbringing or your… you get the point. It is a waste of time.

Put in hard work and do your best and live with the outcome. Don’t dwell on how it comes to pass. Just trust the process. If you aren’t happy with the outcome then take a minute to reflect, make adjustments and then move on. Positivity always wins and if we can get to a point where we push positivity more then we will all be better off.