14 Times I Have Been Inspired During This Open Season

  1. Laura is the first person to do 18.1. She didn’t intend on doing the open and committed at 5:30am and has been crushing it.
  2. Linnea… I mean she is giving birth in less than 20 days and is still worried about the movement standards.
  3. Nathalie going after 18.3 twice and smiling after not getting a muscle up. Acknowledging there is work to be done but she will get one.
  4. Reagan stepping it up in a big way and crushing it.
  5. Woody doing things he never thought he would be able to do. The look on his face when he deadlifted 225# is why I do this.
  6. Jeff Nelson being uber competitive… but not really. Sometimes competition is good for the soul.
  7. Jeff Novack when he got one more HSPU today. The biggest smile and most excited laugh of the Open for sure.
  8. Terri coming through with her first muscle up after writing her self off from being able to get one.
  9. Sam Yat and that awesome jump after getting her first HSPU. And then coming back for 10 more today.
  10. Cammie pushing self doubt aside and doing things that just 5 minutes earlier she said  there is now way.
  11. Sam Stu for chasing a dream and coming on as our first full time staff.
  12. Kristin M for really coming out her shell during this open and embracing the 410 family.
  13. Marcie for going after this year after year even though competition isn’t her thing.
  14. Bike Mike for not wanting to do the Open at all but coming around and seeing the benefits of tracking your progress.

Thank you all for all you do and for blessing me with the opportunity to coach you as athletes. One more to go! Give it your all.