Every year on Memorial Day CrossFit gyms across the nation do the workout Murph. It is a challenging workout and pushes people further than they may have thought they were capable of being pushed. We all get excited and look forward to the challenge each year.

However, it is important to remember why we are doing this workout and why we are able to do this workout. The quote “all gave some – some gave all’ carries a lot of weight. The sacrifice that our brave men and women have made for us isn’t given enough attention. Working with Catch A Lift Fund over the past year has really brought a lot of this to light for me. For those that didn’t pay the ultimate sacrifice the hardship doesn’t stop when they come home. It continues. And for many the battle is just beginning.

The fight for normalcy for the family isn’t always easy. Depression, lack of sleep, pain (mental and physical) are just some of the things folks face when they come back home and try to integrate back into a normal life. People have no idea how good they have it and how much harder things could be.

Many of us will cookout and have some beers this Memorial Day. We will use the holiday to celebrate the beginning of summer. It is important to remember that many of our soldiers find this time of the year very challenging. For them they are thinking of friends lost and times that were very challenging.

So, we do Murph as a way to honor this sacrifice. To pay respect to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice and to those that continue to sacrifice. Let yourself get uncomfortable with this workout. Push a little harder and take a moment to reflect. Thanks to all who served, all who continue to serve and to the families.