Mentality Part 3 – Execution

I started a three part series on mindset in April. After a few special blogs it is time to review the final leg of what makes up a successful mindset. Mindset is an established set of attitudes that deliver us to a goal.

Let’s briefly review what this series of blogs is about. I started down the thinking of what makes a person successful in our program at 410. Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Assuming we have good goals the next thing we need to develop is a good mindset.

To me three key traits go into having a good mindset. I go over them in detail in previous blogs but they are positivity, hard work and execution. Assuming we have good goals that are attainable being able to deploy these traits will put us on our way to success.

When we are working toward new goals we need to understand what we need to accomplish and how we can execute the plan. If we want to get better at running then we should make it a goal to get to the track workouts. If we know that executing this goal will make us better at running then we need to make it a priority.

Ultimately, life comes down to what we define as a priority. Far too often I see people with million dollar goals and one cent work ethic. The effort we put into something will generally lead to an equal result. We can fake it for a while. I have worked in big corporations. Believe me, I know it is easy to fake it until you make it. But in the end the cream rises to the top. If you want something you need to develop a process that you think will get you there and stick to it even when things get tough.

People often ask me why I like sports so much. I have no control over the outcome yet I get upset when the team I am cheering for loses. On the surface it seems silly to put so much time into something that is just entertainment. But the reason I like sports is because the team that prepares and executes better wins. There is no grey area and it is one of the few things that can’t be faked. Sometimes the better team loses but that just comes down to execution.

My plea to you is this: set some goals, approach them each day with a positive mindset, work hard towards them and execute your game plane. Leave the things you can’t control alone and focus on you!