New Coach Process

At 410 CrossFit we believe that we have a responsibility to provide our athletes with qualified coaches. Often, members inquire about coaching, which we think is great. We love that this movement has inspired you to want to get involved and to learn more. Sometimes folks get a Level One from CrossFit for their own benefit with no desire to coach. Other times people get the L1 with intentions to coach. Below is the 410 policy on new coaches. Note: these are not job descriptions. Merely a guideline to provide to folks wanting to coach at 410.  Coaching is also contingent upon need for additional coaches.



  • Desire to learn more about the business and coaching
  • “Do anything” attitude and real desire to be a coach at 410
  • We look for coaches who want to help people not coaches who want to say they coach CrossFit. Understanding of the difference is important.
  • Understanding and demonstration of the Pillars of 410

What you will do:

  • Assist in front desk tasks
  • Help coaches with cleaning, organizing
  • Have coaches as an open resource for learning and development
  • Open access to guidance on what you need to do to be a great coach
  • Learn about behind the scenes stuff of coaching. Not just floor work
  • Pursue learning opportunities. Not just seminars but what does your Instagram explore look like? Full of cat pictures or are there some training tutorials in there? Point being to advance you need to put in the time.

The internship is where you start if you only have a Level 1 and/or less than 2 years of CrossFit experience. How long you are interning is determined by your credentials and your ability as a coach as determined through a live coaching evaluation (outlined below).

A combination of experience, current coaching ability and an L1 can waive the need to intern and you may be able to advance to assistant floor coach. However, additional certifications would be required within 3 months of being an assistant coach and before being a lead coach. Also, we are very particular during our evaluation.

Assistant Floor Coach


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Must have registered or completed additional course i.e. Level 2, gymnastics, power lifting. Check to see if the training will be accepted if you are unsure.
  • Pass 410 Coaching evaluation that shows
    • The ability to move properly
    • The ability to demonstrate most movements (higher complexity movements a plus)
    • The ability to educate, entertain and inspire
    • The ability to assess and provide feedback
    • Understanding and demonstration of the Pillars of 410

What you will do:

  • Assist lead coach in bigger classes
  • Lead smaller classes with a Lead coach as an assistant

How long do I do this for? Times vary but generally new coaches spend 1-2 months assisting before running a class on their own. You will take a 410 evaluation before starting as assistant and feedback will be provided. When we think you are ready you will be evaluated again to see if you are ready to coach classes on your own.

Lead Floor Coach


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Additional approved training certificate
  • Passed 410 coaching evaluation
  • Understanding and demonstration of the Pillars of 410

What you will do:

  • Lead class instruction
  • Educate, entertain and inspire athletes of 410
  • Be a leader within the community. Some one others trust and rely on for advice.
  • Take active part in community outings