Goal Setting Outline

Having a process for establishing and measuring goals is an important part of development and progress in any given venture. Whether it be life goals, business goals or fitness goals having them outlined is important. Many people struggle with goal setting. Not because they don’t have goals but because they don’t have a process by which they establish achievable and measurable goals.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to set up new goals because it is a time where folks or more motivated than usual and it is good time domain to measure yearly gains. Here is a process you can try when setting up your 2019 goals.

Step 1

Establish 3-5 things that you want to get better at. These should be broad ideas like improve handstand walk or get better at pull ups. By not attaching your overall purpose to a number at the top of your goal it allows you to look back at why you are really putting in extra work when things get tough.

Step 2

Establish what better looks like. What is a quantifiable and measurable attachment to this goal? It should be something that challenges you but is achievable. This is where I would say handstand walk 20 feet by the end of the year. Seek advice here if you are having trouble. One of our coaches can guide you as what is realistic and what may be a stretch.

Step 3

What are the action items I need to do daily, weekly, monthly to achieve my goal. Think about what your goals is and think about what it takes to achieve something like this. Handstand walking requires flexibility, a strong midline, over head strength and confidence being upside down. Which of these am I weakest at? Determine where you need the most work and figure out what is needed to get better here. Let’s say it is overhead strength and confidence. I would want to do overhead pressing exercises twice per week and upside down drills twice per week.

Step 4

You now have your framework for your goal. Now write it down somewhere you see it everyday. Check in weekly to make sure you are doing the things you promised yourself. Our handstand walk goal looks like this:

  1. Get better at handstand walking
    1. Handstand walk 20 feet by 2020
      1. Overhead press or handstand push up 2 times per week
      2. Drills in the overhead position 2 times per week

Step 5

Share them. Putting your goals out there can be intimidating. But sharing what you are working towards adds another level of accountability. We have a yearly board at the gym where we write down our goals. Write yours on the board once you have them.

Happy goal setting!