#10: Labor Day

Labor Day is usually seen as the end of summer. The last hoorah before school, work and other life responsibilities start to take over. The days start to get noticeably shorter, football starts and pumpkin everything starts to appear. It… Read more »

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#9: Second Iteration of Programming

13 weeks ago we launched our individualized programs. At the time I didn’t know what would be needed for these and made it a pilot run. These programming templates have been a great success. Many people are interested in putting… Read more »

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Mike D GoRuck Guest Blog

“What’s up, weirdos?” was the greeting that Gary, Chris and I got when we rolled up to a park in Georgetown Friday night wearing 30-pound backpacks, head lamps and reflective tape.  We were there for the Go Ruck Tough Challenge,… Read more »

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#7: Programming Change

Since we opened in 2013 we have been following programming from The Outlaw Way. I chose this programming because the guy who writes it put a lot of time into calculating loads and developing cycles to reach optimal strength and… Read more »

#6: 2016 CrossFit Open

Each year the CrossFit Open comes around and each year I try to convince our community to sign up. The CrossFit Open is the first leg of the qualifying events for the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games are where about… Read more »

Consistency = Epic

Over the past week we have talked about several things.  We started things off talking about life struggles and how this awesome family we have at 410 is a blessing to anyone that opens their heart to us. We then… Read more »

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#4: The Whiteboard

The whiteboard is more than a place to record your scores. It is a way to push yourself and to push those in the community. Part of what we do is compete against one another. It helps everyone. So, here… Read more »

#3: Lifestyle

It is no secret that diet plays a huge role in any results we get from our time in the gym. Food is your fuel. If your diet is not dialed in then you can expect to be disappointed. Your… Read more »

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#2: We All Have Something Going On

Excuses are an easy out. I’m not saying that we don’t all have something going on. Some more serious than others. And I don’t think that these things should be glossed over. We should have empathy for others and be… Read more »

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Holiday Break BLOG #1

Over the next week and some change I have off from my day job. I am generally restless and need something to fill my time (partly why I opened a gym). So, I have decided to write a series of… Read more »

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