How We Train at 410 Fitness


  • Lift moderate to heavy 3 days per week = Increased Strength Gains
  • 1-2 high intensity, empty-the-tank workouts per week = Improve our short duration/high intensity energy systems
  • Add volume to safe single joint and/or single arm & leg movements = Increased muscle mass


  • We believe in Intensity with Intention
  • Balance high intensity with quality low intensity work.
  • We use many different training implements like bands, sleds, landmines and kettlebells which allow us to increase load and volume while maintaining the integrity of our joints
  • We train multiple planes of movement and include weekly lateral, rotational and anti-rotational work


  • We balance high intensity work with long duration zone 2 cardio bouts 2-3 days per week

= Improved cardiovascular endurance and long term heart health

= Increased recovery

= Increased sleep

= Decreased resting heart rate

  • We expose our athletes to many different movements to avoid hammering one movement pattern or one joint

= Decreased wear & tear on the joints

= Decreased burnout

= Increased longevity

By applying these principles, we deliver a high quality, balanced fitness program that leads to:
= Decreased injury
= Decreased burnout
= Feelingbetter after workouts
= Increased carryover to real life physical demands