Strength & Conditioning Class

Improve your strength and conditioning in our hour-long class where we work on foundational and functional movements performed at various intensities. In this smaller group class setting you’ll not only get more personal attention, you’ll also be working out with a supportive community who’s there to give you that extra encouragement when you need it!


If you’re short on time but are still looking for an efficient and challenging workout – this is for you! In our 30-minute GoFit class, we take the most crucial elements of our strength and conditioning class and condense them down to a low complexity, high intensity workout.


Improve your flexibility and joint health by taking Brian’s Yin Yoga! This class is for everyone from runners to cross trainers with the goal to open the body. It is designed to help the connective tissue of the body stay strong and healthy by creating gentle traction on the fascial tissues of the body. This also increases the body’s ability to fall into proper alignment while performing functional movements and helps prevent injuries that are associated with joints. When you train in the gym, you build strong muscles. When you train and practice Yin Yoga, you build strong joints!

Brian is an ultrarunner and a devoted cross training athlete. He has had an amazing journey into the realm of fitness and inspires people around him in the many communities he is a vital part of. He completed his 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Yoga Tree in 2018, and went on to study Yin Yoga with Jessie Kates.


Whether you’re totally new to the world of nutrition or have plenty of experience and just need to fine-tune your nutrition to hit your goals, we can help you! We have two Nutrition Coaches on staff to guide you through everything from learning the basics of how to fuel for high intensity fitness to understanding how to track macros to helping you prepare for specific goals or competitions!

Sobriety WOD

This workout is for people in recovery or for those looking to get sober and is free to members and non-members.

Participants get together and have a 12-step style meeting. Everyone introduces themselves and then the group goes through a functional fitness-focused HIIT workout for about 20 minutes. After the workout, participants sit together and share their experiences of strength and hope with each other.

Coach Mike runs the Sobriety WOD on Sundays at 4pm and it lasts about an hour.