#9: Second Iteration of Programming

13 weeks ago we launched our individualized programs. At the time I didn’t know what would be needed for these and made it a pilot run. These programming templates have been a great success. Many people are interested in putting in extra work to advance their fitness aspirations. To that end, it has become evident that we need to tweak some things to make room for new folks and to lessen the impact on our regular classes. After all, the overwhelming majority of people are with us for general physical preparedness and simply want to do their hour and continue on/finish their day. This is great and it should be noted that these folks are the ones that keep the lights lit and the overhead doors open.

It is important to remember why we started CrossFit and what has kept us coming back. CrossFit is about pushing the limits to see what our bodies are capable of achieving. But before that it is about getting fit and enjoying the community and camaraderie.

While having individualized programming can allow us to focus in on athletes specific weaknesses it is important to remember that the CrossFit mentality is that individuals needs vary by degree not kind.

To that end, I have made the changes outlined below.

Daily WOD

The posted WOD will be done by everyone in attendance and working out during a class. There should be no personalized or extra work taking place while a class is going on at the 6a, 7a and 630p times. Basically, during the three hours of class time (6a, 7a and 6:30p) everyone will be doing the same thing. This isn’t to say that you can’t or shouldn’t show up a few minutes early to warm up. I want to get away from a million different things happening during a class. It detracts from the experience for those that are just there for the daily WOD. Practicing a few skills at the end of a class is fine but it should be wrapped up by the time the next class starts.

Extra Work and Open Gym

Extra work will still be allowed but it should be done during open gym hours and NOT during any of the three hours of class time. The only exception would be modifications for an injury. Being tired is not an injury. It is a reason for a rest day.

Open gym times will be expanded. A Level 1 coach must be present and no one should be working out alone. To that end, the open gym schedule will vary based on coach availability and will be directly before or directly after an existing class time. In fairness to all members we will not have “impromptu” openings. Everything will be posted so all members have an opportunity to schedule their times. Each week we will write open gym times under that day on the white board. Generally, every morning from 8-830 and every evening from 6-630 will be open. Open gym can be used for whatever it is that you want to work on during that time. It is not a substitute to a regular membership and class WOD’s.

Extra Program Template

I will still offer a template for extra work. This will be several extra exercises to compliment each day and this will be posted with the regular daily WOD and made available for anyone to do DURING OPEN GYM HOURS ONLY. 410 and our coaches will not be drafting any individualized program templates. Offering guidance, assistance and additional instruction will always be available but full written templates will not be provided per person, at this time. This is something we can revisit at a later date.

New Cost Structure

The cost structure will be pretty simple. Open gym time (not including Sunday) will be $1 per half hour. You can just write this on your monthly “charge my account” sheet.

For those with unlimited the max will be $10 ($170) So, you would buy up to 5 hours for the month and anything above that is free.

For those with the 3x class option the max will be $40 ($170). So, you would buy up to 20 hours and anything above that is free.

You can still come to additional open gym time. The fees will be capped at $170 for all members. You cannot buy additional times of our coached classes. This will still only be offered in our unlimited and 3x options. Also, you must still have the 3x/week membership, at a minimum.

I am excited to expand gym times and to offer extra fitness to more people. I hope you all like these changes. Let me know of any questions or concerns. We are looking to implement these changes after PR week on Monday (8/1). As we review this program we may make changes based on what we learn.