Individual Design

What is Individual Design? It is for those in search of an individualized program. The traditional route has been personal training. However, personal training can be costly and at some point no longer needed once the athlete has a firm technical grasp. We created individual design as a means to facilitate more people getting the benefits of individualized programming without having to pay for a coach’s time every session. THIS IS NOT necessarily a personalized program. What your coach will help you with will come after the in face assessment and discussion of goals. It could be a diet plan, strength plan, endurance plan, etc.

This IS NOT having a coach guide you through every movement of a workout and planning all of your meals. This IS having a coach review a video of your lift, reviewing your nutrition log, discussing progress with you once a week or bi-weekly or monthly (your choice).

Who is it for? Anybody that wants more feedback, accountability and guidance on their health and wellness that isn’t covered in our regular class hour. This could be programming of additional work, nutrition plan, mindset, etc. Really, anything you and your coach want to work on.

Why would I need this? During the past few lifestyle challenges we have noticed a folks wanting more than what we currently can cover in an hour class and our semi-annual lifestyle challenges. Sometimes folks have found extra work to do but the extra work leads to injury or burnout. They find a diet online but it doesn’t work for them. They cant seem to figure out why they are always sore and/or lethargic. Individual design gives you the extra work you may be looking for with accountability and guidance.

When does this start? This week (7/30). Look for info to be posted on a board at the gym. Once you reach out to your coach they will give you the next steps.

How can I sign up? Coaches contact info and the number of spots they have open will be posted at the gym. Simply reach out to a coach you want to work with and schedule a no hassle intro. We will talk with you about your goals and see if an individual design program is something that will help you get to the next level.

What else…

All athletes complete an in person assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Based on their goals, the coach will then reverse engineer a plan that takes an athlete from where they are to where they want to go. This will be a combination of nutrition planning, workout planning and proper recovery review. Based on the person, certain areas will get more attention.

The athlete completes any extra workouts during Open Gym hours. We highly encourage group training and will work towards designing your program so that you can still take part in the class sessions. The magic is in the community and we never want people abstaining from the group fun.

To ensure you stay progressing, you’ll meet with your coach at a minimum of once per month for a 30 minute consultation.


Cost is determined by the coach you sign up with. Each coach will set their own rate. It will also vary from athlete to athlete based on how much help they want/need. At a minimum you will get a baseline plan and a monthly check-in.


Initial assessment will be done via email. If you and the coach you reach out to decide this is the best route for you then you would schedule and in person assessment. This would include a movement screen and discussion of goals. We would also recommend a body composition screen (especially if you want to hone in your diet).