2019 CrossFit Open Guide

Here is your one stop shop for everything Open at 410! If you don’t know what the Open is read Coach Sam’s blog from a few weeks ago. This blog is to tell you how classes and competition will play out for the 5 weeks.

First, an important piece of information for everyone. Even those not doing the Open. For the 5 weeks of the Open we WILL NOT have a 6pm Friday evening class. Instead, this is when we encourage people to do the Open workout. This time will be called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. More on that below. Also, the class WOD on Friday is the Open workout so more incentive to get signed up. You’ll be doing it anyway. games.crossfit.com

There will be 5 workouts released. These workouts are created and released by CrossFit HQ. In years past Dave Castro would announce them. It seems as though that is changing this year but nonetheless we will get a new workout on 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21 via a live stream available on many of the CrossFit social media outlets.

Once the workout is released we will start working on a heat schedule. The heat schedule will be available on Thursday night following the live announcement. This is where you will sign up for your desired workout time. Sometimes we have to do many heats because of the equipment that is needed for the people we have. Spots are first come first serve. IMPORTANT: Wait for a post in the members lounge before going into the heat schedule. It will be a google sheet and when multiple people are in there making edits it slows down the process. If you sign up before the all clear post your name will be deleted and you won’t be notified.

The heat schedule will be mainly for Friday night. If you cannot make it on Friday night you are free to come and do the workout during any class or Open gym time. However, you must arrange your own judge and you cannot interfere with classes. Example: Saturday 9am class has pull ups in the WOD. The Open has Pull ups. Not a good idea to come to do the Open on Saturday. The best times to do the workout during non-Friday Night Lights times will be Open Gym hours or any class on Friday. With that said check with Sam or Gary to see if we think it is ok for you to do an Open workout during a class. You will have from Friday morning until 6pm on Monday to find time to do the workout. If you are out of town email a gym in the area. Most are more than welcome to judge you.

Repeat attempts are prioritized below people needing to do the Open workout for the first time. If you come for a repeat and we don’t have equipment and/or a judge you may not get to repeat. WHAT IS A REPEAT? Well, being that this comes around once a year folks will do these workouts multiple times to get the best score they can. It isn’t unheard of for someone to shave 1-2 minutes off on a second attempt.

Score submission is your responsibility. You will need to enter your scores by Monday at 7pm on the CrossFit Games website. It closes exactly at 7pm and no late scores are accepted.

Look for some strategy videos from Sam and Gary. They will be doing the workout on Friday morning and post some tips for you all to have the best experience possible.

Lastly, have fun! Competition is intimidating but hopefully after that first workout you will see this is a different type of competition.