CJ’s Story – 71 pounds lost and hungry for more!

What is 410?

410 is CJ.

“My beliefs in being fit and getting healthy have changed. I used to never think I could loose that much weight and I guess I though I was pretty much too far gone. Now I know I can do it so it makes me want to push others. I can see how much 410 has changed me and it makes me want to share that with everyone because it feels great.”

CJ started with us just before the new year in 2016. He has been with us for just about 8 months now. However, he emailed for more information well before that but never came in for a visit. “I guess I just wasn’t done being fat yet” is what he will say when you ask him what took so long.

Prior to joining, CJ was looking for something to get him back in shape. He was on blood pressure medication, wore a size 42 pant and hadn’t been to a gym for quite some time.

In the past 8 months CJ has committed himself to a healthier lifestyle. He has come in at least once (usually 5 times) every week for the past 8 months. He met with our nutritionist and is tracking his food and making healthy choices. And he always pushes himself to try and do new things.

CJHis hard work shows. He has lost 71 pounds since starting, he has dropped his pant size by 6 and he is no longer on blood pressure medication. CJ hasn’t just improved his quality of life but he has wore off on his friends. He has gotten three of his friends to join with him and he is constantly checking in with them and making sure they are staying motivated. CJ has been and continues to be a blessing to the 410 community.


One Response to “CJ’s Story – 71 pounds lost and hungry for more!”

  1. Monica Campbell

    Congrats CJ, I’m so proud of u, keep up the good work Nugget…